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An introduction to Human Resource Management

Course will commence once the minimum capacity is reached

Educator: Directorate for Lifelong Learning
Course Offer: Self-Paced CourseĀ 
Course Duration: 100 Hours (completion by 15/06/2023)
Certification: Letter of Attendance
Prerequisites: Internet connection and a device, basic digital skills
Price: Euro 34.94


Course Description

This self-paced, online course introduces course candidates to human resource management, a key competence for private, public and non-governmental organisations. Its importance has been driven by current business trends, such as, fewer layers of management, the need for greater flexibility and an increased awareness of employee wellbeing.


Most importantly, the course highlights the benefits of strategic human resource management including the fact that hiring, training and developing employees, can improve teamwork, overall efficiency and serve as a source of competitive advantage.


In addition to recruitment, training and development of employees, we will also discuss the importance of monitoring performance. We will also discuss the contribution of HR to organisational change in order to maintain competitiveness.


The learning outcomes of this course include contemporary advances in HR practice and emphasise the competences required for successful HR. Above all, we will discuss the role of HR in ensuring that an organisation is able to use its workforce to the fullest extent in order to achieve its goals.


The course is made up of 10 mutually reinforcing units. It will commence once the required number of learners have enrolled. This course offers 100 hours of self-paced learning, including instructional materials, online resources, discussion forums, assignments, and recommended readings. Registration is open until 30 April 2023. Upon reaching the minimum number of participants, you will be notified. You will have until mid-June to complete the course at your own pace regardless of the commencement date.

Course Outline:

By the end of this course adult learners will be able to:

The learner will be able to:

  • Define what is meant by Strategic Human Resources management
  • Contrast Vertical Integration with Horizontal Integration in relation to HR
  • Consider alternatives to Human Resource Management
  • Describe the External Context and the Internal Context for an HRM Strategy
  • Discuss the issue of measuring the Impact of HR on organisational performance
  • Identify ethical implications of strategic human resource management
  • Relate a series of aspects related to the issue of recruitment
  • Express the importance of staff induction
  • Explain the importance of staff development
  • Describe different ways of employee engagement
  • Discuss the purposes of rewards and recognition
  • Assess the effects of HR on organisational performance
  • Judge implications of human resource management ethically
  • Design staff induction procedures
  • Formulate effective staff development systems
  • Develop different ways of staff engagement
  • Implement effective reward systems that boost motivation
  • Evaluate employee performance effectively