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Award in Study Skills and Academic Writing

Course will commence once the minimum capacity is reached

Educator: Directorate for Lifelong Learning
Course Offer: Self-Paced Course 
Course Duration: 100 Hours (completion by 31/05/2024)
Certification: Certificate
Prerequisites: Internet connection and a device, basic digital skills
Price: Euro 34.94


Course Description

This self-paced online course is designed to introduce course candidates to specific Study Skills and to High-Quality Writing. Strengthening study skills and writing skills should be the very first steps to be completed before starting any new course.   Effective study skills and high-quality writing always have a very positive impact on any student’s final grades. Unfortunately, the reversal is also true. Too often, students do not get the grades they really deserve, not from lack of effort, but from lack of knowing how to study and how best to write and present one’s work. Furthermore, the importance of both study skills and proper writing have increased over time since every single citizen is now expected to be a lifelong learner, continuously investing in themselves to improve their employability, and by consequence, their work prospects and even remuneration.


This course will teach course participants how to improve their study skills and their writing skills. As regards study skills, the first lesson to learn is that every single individual needs to develop their own personal approach to studying and learning in a way that meets their own individual strengths and needs. Discovering what works for one, and what does not is of fundamental importance. Improving one’s study skills increases one’s awareness of how to study effectively. This, in turn, tends to boost one’s confidence in their ability to achieve good results. Most interestingly, study skills are not only for students following a course.  Study skills are transferable to very diverse contexts, not least the world of work. Clearly, self-discipline, organisational skills, time-management, prioritising and problem solving are useful skills in very different areas. As regards writing skills, these are also incredibly important both for studying as well as for the world of work and indeed for life in general. Writing that is in line with academic rules will undoubtedly be beneficial for all students, no matter the course they are following.


The course is made up of 10 mutually reinforcing units. The self-paced course will commence from October 2023 onwards and once the required number of learners have enrolled. It offers 100 hours of self-paced learning, including instructional materials, online resources, lesson explanations, discussion forums, assignments, and recommended readings. Registration is open until 15 March 2024. Upon reaching the minimum number of participants, you will be notified. You will have until 31 May 2024 to complete the course at your own pace regardless of the commencement date.

Course Outline:

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course adult learners will be able to:

  • Explain characteristics of effective reading
  • Identify different ways of reading
  • Describe means of effective note taking
  • Identify key points from lessons or lectures
  • Find available support for improving course performance
  • Define the term ‘plagiarism’
  • Clarify how plagiarism can be avoided
  • Apply effective time-management planning
  • Appreciate the importance of motivation
  • Administer the use of different sources of information
  • Prepare well for seminars, tutorials and group work
  • Evaluate the quality of information available
  • Compile accurate referencing
  • Illustrate the characteristics of academic/scholarly writing
  • Manage the writing process for producing assignments/essays
  • Gather one’s ideas in preparation for writing