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Blending Practical Psychology, Philosophy and Spirituality into Everyday Life

A Path to Holistic Growth, Well-being and Resilience

Course Offer: Blended Learning
Course Duration: 100 hours, January to August 2022
Certification: Certificate of attendance upon completion
Prerequisites: Internet Connection and a device, a commitment to complete the course
Price: EU/EEA National €34.94 | Full fee €69.88


Course Description

The course not only combines philosophy, psychology and spirituality through various interrelated issues and topics, but also includes a strong practical and experiential component in the form of discussions, sharing of insights, reflections, and personal experiences, as well as practicing skills and competences learnt all throughout.


The course will offer the benefits of blended learning and will therefore be delivered synchronously and asynchronously. The asynchronous component will consist of practical activities and exercises that students will be required to work on, and readings to reflect upon, in between the synchronous meetings online. These resources will be uploaded on our Virtual Learning Environment. Commitment is an absolute must for the success of such a course.


The course is aimed at helping students understand the sources for holistic wellbeing, learn and practice the skills and competences to promote and increase their holistic wellbeing, reflect on important life experiences from a psychological, philosophical, and spiritual perspective, and develop resilience in the face of life challenges and pain that transpires from them.

Outline of Course Units

  • Introduction to Philosophy, Psychology and Spirituality: Understanding their Interrelatedness through a Historical Approach
  • The Shaping of Worldviews and the Formation of Attitudes through Articulating and Adopting Specific Approaches to Existential Human Questions
  • Enhancing Holistic Well-Being, Emotional Literacy and Resilience
  • Knowing Ourselves, Others and the World through Reason and our Senses: Exploring a Healthy Synthesis between Rationalism and Empiricism
  • Exploring the Intrapersonal Realm: Growing in Self-awareness and Specific Skills for Holistic Well-Being (Stress Management and Time Management)
  • Exploring the Interpersonal Realm: Enhancing Relationships through Facilitating the Dynamic of Human Communication (includes Group Communication and Dynamics, and Community Building)
  • The Uniqueness of Human Language: The Psychology, Philosophy and Spirituality of Human Language as the Catalyst and Conveyor of Identity
  • Exploring the Beauty, Complexity, and Implications of Human Sexuality (including Sexual Identity, Sexual Orientation, Art and Porn, the Impact of Culture/s on Sexuality, the Relationship between Sexuality and Religion)
  • Exploring Spiritual Development and Intelligence as Sources for Holistic Well-being, Resilience and Hope through the Nurturing of Empathy, Compassion and Meaning-making
  • The Storied Nature of Human Lives: Learning how to Re-interpret and Re-configure Life to Create Meaning through Hope (includes the Biology and Psychology of Memory, and the relationship between Thinking, Memory and Well-Being)
  • Sharing and Presenting Insights and Reflections Gained throughout the Course.