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Empowering Personal and Professional Development

Course will commence once the minimum capacity is reached

Educator: Directorate for Lifelong Learning
Course Offer: Self-Paced Course 
Course Duration: 100 Hours (completion by 15/06/2023)
Certification: Letter of Attendance
Prerequisites: Internet connection and a device, basic digital skills
Price: Euro 34.94


Course Description

This course is designed to facilitate better understanding of oneself, with the aim of developing oneself further. Personal Development happens in all ways and forms, with being able to make use of the interpersonal skills developed. The course consists of 4 modules and deal with hands-on practices focussing on customer care and how to provide customer service excellence.


Each session comes with additional resources and material to give learners the opportunity to practise more. The content is varied and relevant, and it is structured into manageable steps. A number of different tasks are assigned with every unit for learners to test their skills and identify their weaknesses.


Learners who are resourceful and enjoy working independently will greatly benefit from this course. The Virtual Learning Environment will also help connect learners and allow them to interact online. It will commence once the required number of learners have enrolled. This course offers 100 hours of self-paced learning, including instructional materials, online resources, discussion forums, assignments, and recommended readings. Registration is open until 30 April 2023. Upon reaching the minimum number of participants, you will be notified. You will have until mid-June to complete the course at your own pace regardless of the commencement date.

Course Outline:

Module 1 – Mastering Emotional Intelligence

This module outlines the concept of Emotional Intelligence, explains why it is important for professional development, and describes how to apply the ideas to assess and improve your own confidence and performance by developing your EI and build productive relationships. This module will also facilitate individuals in addressing situations of stress and conflict.

Module 2 – Time Management

This module takes a real and practical approach to the time management issues faced in today’s workplace. It focuses on time management techniques that can help to stay in control and make the best use of time. It focuses on self-management techniques through identifying one’s preferred working style.

Module 3 – Public Speaking

This course module focuses on effective public speaking that focuses on preparing the presentation, dealing with fears of public speaking, and ensuring to engage a motivated audience.

Module 4 – Developing Personal Motivation

Being part of a team means that we have to put up with all kinds of pressure, and if done for a long period of time, this could lead to a significant decrease in motivation. This module focuses on various aspects, mainly on what you can do to ensure that you remain engaged, motivated and hence, happy overall.