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Getting Started on Learning Box

Educator: Directorate for Lifelong Learning
Course Offer: Self-Paced CourseĀ 
Course Duration: 1 hour
Certification: This is a demonstration course
Prerequisites: Basic digital skills
Price: Free


Course Description

We are excited you’ve decided to pursue your learning journey with us.


The course is designed to let you experience on online course. It will showcase different course resources available on our Virtual Learning Platform.


In this demonstration course, you’ll learn what it’s like to participate in a course to help you decide if self-paced learning is right for you.


You can browse through the course content, including different content resources such as videos, presentations and files. You can also post a query in our forum and practice the quiz tool.

Course Outline:

Getting Started on Learning Box
An introductory page to help you get started on Learning Box. You will learn about the courses offered, the registration process and other commonly asked questions about the platform. Enrol for free in the demonstration course and get access to experience an online course.

Unit 1: Introducing Learning Box
In this unit, we will start with the basics. We will learn about Learning Box. We will also look at the courses offered, how to use the forum and how to use the quiz tool.

Unit 2: How to apply for a course
In this unit, we will look at how you can apply for a learning box course. We will also learn the difference between applying if we already have an account with the Directorate for Lifelong Learning and signing up for an account if we are new users.

Unit 3: How to access course content
In this unit, you will learn how to access course content. You will learn how to use the Virtual Learning Environment, the platform where you can find the course resources as soon as you apply for a Learning Box course.

Unit 4: How to submit a quiz
In this unit, we will learn how to submit a quiz by using the quiz icon and reading the guide for learners.

Unit 5: How to submit an assignment
In this unit, we will learn how to submit an assignment by using the assignment icon and reading the guide for learners.