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Starting your own Business

Educator: Roberto Saliba
Course Duration: 50 hours (course completion by September 2022)
Certification: Certificate of attendance upon completion
Prerequisites: Good command in English language; computer device; Internet access
Price: EU/EEA National €34.94 | Full fee €69.88


Course Description

This course introduces the learners to the preliminary aspects of entrepreneurship and business ventures. Since the business environment consists of competitors willing to bend the rules and others to act by the book, this course combines the concepts and theoretical frameworks of entrepreneurship with case studies of entrepreneurs and corporations to enable a realistic and pragmatic view of how the business world operates.


This course will offer a wide variety of aspects from keeping a financial record of the sales and expenses, promoting products on social media, recruiting people, and meeting up with suppliers and clients. Since these activities necessitate different skills and abilities, you shall learn the importance of flexibility, learning, and transferable skills. Since time is the main resource that is often scarce, you also learn the importance of time management and how to leverage limited resources to your advantage. Most importantly, you shall learn, in this course, a way to work smarter and not harder. This course also provides a set of skills on how to deal with pressure, anxiety, and stress, especially if the business venture faces a situation of financial burden and outright competition.


The course content will be available until end of September 2022 and course participants should complete the course content at their own pace by the end of September 2022.

Outline of Course Units

  • Understanding the basic concepts, theoretical frameworks, and primary terminologies of entrepreneurship and business ventures.
  • Learning the importance of budgeting, learning, market research, and strategic planning to launching the business venture.
  • Exploring the psychological aspect in negotiating, leading others, mentoring, and conducting meetings with clients and suppliers: emotional intelligence and communication skills.
  • Preparing for the point of sales and customer retention: from marketing strategies to social media campaigns.
  • Gaining a holistic perspective and understanding the bigger picture in setting up a small enterprise on Saliba’s (2020) Entropia business model: Power; Innovation; Vision; Culture; Systems; Leadership; and Strategy.
  • Exploring the key funding opportunities and social networking: Malta Enterprise schemes; online crowdsourcing websites; and membership with Malta Chamber of Commerce.
  • Understanding the Business Venture Lifecycle Process and the main phases that one goes through from the phase of idea generation to the phase of decline.